Implementation of DEvelopmentAl Learning (IDEAL) Course



If you are registered to the IDEAL MOOC, then the Claroline Connect Platform is your main entry point to the course. There, you will find instructions for new activities every week, which will refer you to the course material in this page.

If you do not wish to register with the IDEAL MOOC, you can follow the course at your own speed through the menu on the left. However, you will not be able to do some of the activities, and you will not receive a certificate of participation.

In both cases, you should join the Developmental AI MOOC Google+ Community so you can follow the discussions and ask questions. Questions about these pages should be shared in the Developmental AI MOOC / Discuss course material category. Each page has a unique hashtag that you should include in your post to make it findable from the "public discussion about this page" link.

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