Fab-Pat Project

The Fab-Pat project takes place in the context of a significant transformation of the modalities of consideration and managing of the areas classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site from which Lyon benefits (1998). Based on the request from the local agencies to the IMU LabEx to implement these new procedures, the proposed consortium brings together the site’s heritage operators and scientists from the Lyon community. The aim is to promote a more democratic and civic approach to heritage by developing a procedure and a tool that will enable the Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) approach to be carried out in an operational and reflexive manner, in the form of action research. These two dimensions, for us inseparable, both mobilize and question simultaneously the conditions of a reflection and a practice around what makes heritage, by associating all the stakeholders: inhabitants, associative actors, professionals and politicians, scientific experts. The final product, a scalable, collaborative and participatory digital atlas, will integrate the skills of data and image sciences as well as social sciences with the operational and practical skills of cultural actors. This prototype, in the form of a matrix structure of desired functionalities, will be implemented at the Gadagne museums as a interpretation center of the historic site of Lyon.