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Interconnecting appliances on the Web with Avatars

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Welcome to the ASAWoO project homepage The ASAWoO project is a 4-year research project starting on the 1st of January 2014 and funded by the French National Agency for Research (ANR), in the context of the INFRA ANR program.

The project has been certified by the IMAGINOVE competitiveness cluster, which is a witness for its interesting impact on the society and industrial domains.

The ASAWoO project has for objective to enhance appliance integration into the Web. Our project builds an architecture to provide users with understandable functionalities under the form of WoT applications, while enabling collaboration between heterogeneous physical objects, from the basic sensor to the complex robot.

ASAWoO partners are Lyon 1 University with the LIP lab. (AVALON team) and LIRIS lab. (TWEAK team), Pierre Mendès France University with the LCIS lab. (COSY team), Bretagne Sud University with the IRISA lab. (CASA team) and our industrial partner Génération Robots.

Since summer 2016, the coordinator of the ASAWoO project is Lionel Médini, associate professor at Lyon 1 University and member of the TWEAK team of the LIRIS lab (the former coordinator was Michaël Mrissa). Do not hesitate to contact him for additional information.

The ASAWoO project has ended on 2017-12-31. The AsaWoo platform and its full documentation are available on GitLab pages.

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