Biomimetic approaches for sustainable development

When ?

Friday, November 6th, 2-6PM.


How can biological systems inspire our research about complex systems and help to contribute to sustainable development ? This workshop aims to gather multi-disciplinary researchers and make them identify cutting-edge topics in biomimetic approaches. The considered biomimetic approaches bridge the gap between the analysis of existing biological systems and some practical applications. The goal is to transfer some knowledge from the biological world to the resolution of complex issues in complex systems. (eg. Robots, Autonomous vehicles, smart cities). The workshop will be composed of two phases :

  1. In the first half, invited speakers from various research fields will present their recent work in biology (eg. Modeling of collective animal behaviours) and bio-inspired modeling of complex dynamical systems (eg. Human-robots interaction). A strong accent will be made on multi-disciplinary interactions.
  2. In a second phase, the discussion will focus on a current and future hot topic in sustainable development and smart mobility : connected and autonomous vehicles. After a general presentation from the traffic theory standpoint, the panel will discuss about potential applications of biomimetic approaches in order to solve critical issues :
    1. How should we model the behaviour of autonomous vehicles ?
    2. How to tackle the interactions between autonomous and human vehicles ?

Finally, the discussion of this half-day workshop will be extended to the smart city concept or other topics identified during the day.

Invited Speakers

  • Jean-Louis Deneubourg (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
  • Yven Duthen (Université Toulouse Capitole)
  • Nour-Eddin EL Faouzi (IFSTTAR)
  • Round Table : Christine Solnon (INSA Lyon), Bernard Favre (LUTB)

Program Commitee

  • Dr Romain Billot, Assistant Professor, LICIT, ENTPE (chairman).
  • Pr. Salima Hassas, Professor, LIRIS, University Lyon 1.
  • Dr. Thibault Prevost, French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.


Participants who have been personally freely invited to the Biomimetic workshop may attend the workshop only. They are kindly invited to register to BICA2015 to attend the rest of this exciting conference.


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