Several co-located events will take place in Lyon. Attendees will have to register separately for each co-located event they want to visit.
Stay tuned for more information on co-located events.

Organizers of established EG Workshops and Symposia who intend co-location with Eurographics 2017 do not have to submit a proposal. They should contact the chair of the Eurographics Workshops, Symposia, and Working Group Board.

Information on Co-Located Events

This page provides information for the Eurographics 2017 Co-Located Events. Please make sure that you register for the co-located events that you also want to visit.


The aim of the 3DOR Workshop series is to stimulate researchers from different fields such as Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Machine Learning, Cognitive Science and Human-Computer Interaction who work on or are interested in 3D object retrieval search and exploration, to present state-of-the-art work in the field or learn about it and participate in discussions. This will provide a cross-fertilization that will stimulate discussions on the next steps in this important research area. 3DOR 2017 will be the 10th workshop in this series.


VRIPHYS is one of the well-established international events in the field of computer animation and virtual reality. The workshop provides an opportunity to present and discuss the latest results, and to share ideas for potential directions of future research on virtual reality interaction and physical simulation. For its 13th edition, it will be for co-located for the first time with EG, favoring the connexion between the 2 communities.


The expressive use of virtual cameras, mise-en-scene, lighting and editing (montage) within 3D synthetic environment shows great promise to extend the communicative power of film and video into the artificial environments of interactive games and virtual worlds.At the same time, recent advances in computer vision-based object, actor and action recognition make it possible to envision novel re-cinematography (re-lighting, re-framing) and automatic editing of live-action video. The workshop series is intended to bridge the gap between the two areas and confront research being performed in both domains. One common area of active research is the representation and understanding of the story to be told and its relation to its communicative goals. Another area is the extension of traditional film grammar towards more immersive and interactive experiences, and the emergence of virtual reality and augmented reality movie making. The 6th edition of the workshop will take place at Villa Lumiere, 25 rue du Premier Film, in Lyon, France on April 24, 2017, immediately before Eurographics 2017. The workshop will include a visit of the Lumiere Museum, which honours the contribution to filmmaking by Auguste and Louis Lumi̬re Рinventors of the cin̩matographe and fathers of the cinema.