Physical simulation


  • Simulate the movement of tumor for ray therapies
  • Modeling interactions between radiation and tissue based on a simulated 4D CT mapping
  • Biomechanical modeling of respiratory system (lungs, pleura, diaphragm) with adjacent organs and tumor
  • Kinematic modeling of the chest to correlate internal and external movements

Members involved

  • Bezhad Shariat, Hamid Ladjal

Treatment of lung cancer radiotherapy dynamic

One of the topics addressed by our research team concerning the development of computer treatment planning and monitoring of patients under treatment for lung cancer radiotherapy. This theme is particularly enhanced by involvement in the European project STAR (Space Oncology Treatment by light ions in Europe).

Our approach lies at the interface of computer science, biomechanics, physics, biology, medicine aiming at modeling of deformable objects using multi-scale representation (from organ to cells).