<!--<img style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto" src="media/charlie.jpeg">--> # Welcome to the DRIM research group's website DRIM is a research group of the [LIRIS](http://liris.cnrs.fr/) laboratory. The DRIM research group’s main research directions fall into the following areas: * [Semantic information retrieval and document engineering](./projects/index.html#sem_ir) * [Trust, reputation and privacy-preservation in distributed systems](./projects/index.html#privacy) * [Robust and dependable distributed and mobile systems](./projects/index.html#middleware) Targeted applications include e-health, digital humanities and urban mobility. The team jointly leads the [Multimedia Distributed Pervasive Secure Systems (MDPS)](./mdps/index.html) doctoral college. A poster describing the research group is available [here](./data/fiche_DRIM.pdf) (pdf, in French).