<!-- <h4>The DRIM research activities are orchestrated around the following three main topics:</h4> --> # <a name="sem_ir"></a>Semantic information retrieval and document engineering * [Web of Data / Web of Documents](./ensen/index.html) * [Multistructured Documents for Digital Humanities](./humanum/index.html) * [Semi-automatic Image Annotation](./image_annotation/index.html) * [Multilingual Information Retrieval](./multilingual_ir/index.html) # <a name="privacy"></a>Trust, reputation and privacy-preservation in distributed systems * [Privacy-preserving Web search](./privacy_search/index.html) * [Privacy preservation in mobile systems](./location_privacy/index.html) * [Privacy preserving reputation systems](./reputation/index.html) * [Elimination of subjectivity from trust recommendation](./subjectivity/index.html) <!-- Commented for now, further discussions are required: * [Business-to-business social networks](./b2b/index.html) --> # <a name="middleware"></a>Robust and dependable distributed and mobile systems * [SLA-aware dependable Cloud Computing systems](./sla/index.html) * [Selfish-resilient cooperative systems](./selfishness/index.html) * [Opportunistic and mobile networks/delay tolerant networks](./oppnets/index.html) * [Web-based intelligent distributed and mobile systems](./web_based/index.html)