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Introduction paper

Interactive Document Processing and Digital Libraries
George Nagy, Daniel Lopresti

Handwritten documents segmentation and recognition

Separating Lines of Text in Free-Form Handwritten Historical Documents
Douglas J. Kennard, William A. Barrett

Multi-Queue Merging Scheme And Its Applications in Character Segmentation 
Pingping Xiu, Liangrui Peng, Xiaoqing Ding

Exploring the Use of Conditional Random Field Models and HMMs
for Historical Handwritten Document Recognition
Shaolei Feng, R. Manmatha, Andrew McCallum

Text line extraction in handwritten document with Kalman filter applied on low resolution image
Aurélie Lemaitre, Jean Camillerapp 

Complex Handwritten Page Segmentation Using Contextual Models
Stéphane Nicolas, Thierry Paquet, Laurent Heutte   

OCR and Layout analysis for multilingual printed documents

Dedicated texture based tools for characterisation of old books
Nicholas Journet, Véronique Eglin, Jean-Yves Ramel, Rémy Mullot   

Detection and Segmentation of Table of Contents and Index Pages from Document Images
S. Mandal, S. P. Chowdhury, A. K. Das and Bhabatosh Chanda   

Improving OCR Text Categorization Accuracy with Electronic Abstracts
Linlin Li, Chew Lim Tan

Character templates learning for textual images recognition as an example of learning in structural recognition
Bogdan Savchynskyy, Olexander Kamotskyy   

Design and Comparison of Segmentation Driven and Recognition Driven Devanagari OCR  
Suryaprakash Kompalli, Srirangaraj Setlur and Venu Govindaraju

Combining a hybrid Approach for Features Selection and Hidden Markov Models in Multifont Arabic Characters Recognition
Nadia Ben Amor, Najoua Essoukri Ben Amara
OCR Voting Methods for Recognizing Low Contrast Printed Documents
István Marosi, László Tóth

DIA applications for Digital Libraries

The Case of the Digitized Works at a National Digital Library
José Borbinha, João Gil, Gilberto Pedrosa, João Penas
Multilingual document recognition research and its application in China
Liangrui Peng, Changsong Liu, Xiaoqing Ding, Hua Wang

Digital Bleaching and Content Extraction for the Digital Archive of Rare Books
Asanobu Kitamoto, Takeo Yamamoto, Makiko Onishi, Tomohiro Ikezaki, Dominique Deuff, Eka Meyer, Sonoko Sato, Takako Muramatsu and Kinji Ono

AGORA: the interactive document image analysis tool of the BVH project
Jean Yves Ramel, Sébastien Busson, Marie-Luce Demonet   

Persée : addressing the needs of the digitalisation and online accessibility of back collections through robust and integrated tools
Bruno Morandière, Viviane Boulétreau

User centered image management system for digital libraries
Zoltán Iszlai, Elöd Egyed-Zsigmond   

What can we learn from the processing of 165,000 forms from the 19th century?
Bertrand Coüasnon   

Documents Images indexing and retrieval

Use of Figures in Literature Mining for Biomedical Digital Libraries
Nawei Chen, Hagit Shatkay, Dorothea Blostein
Document Image Retrieval using Signatures as Queries
Sargur N. Srihari, Shravya Shetty, Siyuan Chen, Harish Srinivasan and Chen Huang   

Automatic Content-based Indexing of Digital Documents through Intelligent Processing Techniques
Floriana Esposito, Stefano Ferilli,Teresa M.A. Basile, Nicola Di Mauro

On defining signatures for the retrieval and the classification of graphical dropcaps
Rudolf Pareti, Surapong Uttama, Jean-Pierre Salmon, Jean-Marc Ogier, Salvatore Tabbone, Laurent Wendling, Nicole Vincent   

Distance Measures for Layout-Based Document Image Retrieval
Joost van Beusekom, Daniel Keysers, Faisal Shafait, Thomas M. Breuel   

Tree clustering for layout based document image retrieval
Simone Marinai, Emanuele Marino, Giovanni Soda

Other trends in DIA

Ink recognition based on statistical classification methods
Vassiliki Kokla, Alexandra Psarrou, Vassilis Konstantinou   

Computer assistance for Digital Libraries: Contributions to Middle-ages and Authors’ Manuscripts exploitation and enrichment
Veronique Eglin, Frank LeBourgeois, Stephane Bres, Hubert Emptoz, Yann Leydier, Ikram Moalla, Fadoua Drira

Querying for silhouettes by qualitative feature schemes
B. Gottfried   

A novel technique for the watermarking of symbolically compressed documents
Sarbani Palit, Utpal Garain

Refinement of retro-digitized documents including mathematical formulae by re-recognition
Toshihiro Kanahori, Masakazu Suzuki   

Image Analysis for Palaeography Inspection
Ikram Moalla, Frank Le Bourgeois, Hubert Emptoz, Adel M. Alimi

DIA evaluation and Document Image Quality

Quality assurance in high volume document digitization: A survey
Xiaofan Lin       

Performance Evaluation of a Mathematical Formula Recognition System with a large scale of printed formula images
Kazuki Ashida, Takashi Kitahara, Masayuki Naka, Tsubasa Nakatsuka, Masayuki Okamoto

Experimental Performance Study of a User Intensive and Large-scale Digital Library Framework
Xiangwen Liao, Binxing Fang, Weihua Luo, Bin Wang

Improving the Quality of Degraded Document Images
Ergina Kavallieratou, Efstathios Stamatatos   

Towards restoring historic documents degraded over time
Fadoua Drira   

Image Interpolation using Mathematical Morphology
Alessandro Ledda, Hiêp Q. Luong, Wilfried Philips, Valérie De Witte and Etienne E. Kerre

An Image Inpainting Approach Based on the Poisson Equation
Xiaowei Shao, Zhengkai Liu, Houqiang Li   

DIAL 2004 Working Group Report on Acquisition Quality Control
Elisa H. Barney Smith, H. Baird, W. Barrett, F. Le Bourgeois, X. Lin, G. Nagy and S. Simske