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The rapid spread of Digital Libraries (DL) across the world motivates research in computer vision and especially in Document Image Analysis (DIA). The DL and DIA research community share common objectives, namely to digitize paper documents and convert them into electronic formats which can be preserved, retrieved, consulted, shared, and reused. Without computer assistance, manual processing of the large quantities of available digitized documents would be expensive and time consuming.

The DIA research community has developed many technologies applicable to digital libraries which are ripe to be collected, compared, and shared. DIAL'06 will bring together DL and DIA researchers, practitioners, and users who are interested in new technologies that assist the integration of digitized documents within DLs, so that, ideally, all documents that contribute to human knowledge can be easily accessed and queried by using Web based search engines.

The workshop will cover all technical aspects of document image processing from digitization, image restoration, text recognition, and extraction of metadata from images, up to document encoding and specification of file formats for digitized documents. This workshop will also attempt to describe the state of the art, to identify urgent open problems in image analysis suited to DLs and to collect all available information on document digitization projects across the world. The workshop is open to researchers from both the DL and DIA communities on the following topics:




Workshop format

Two days: Thursday & Friday. Podium presentations, keynote talks, panel discussions, & breakout working groups. Single track (except working groups). 100% participation, i.e. every attendee will give a presentation. On-site printed Proceedings.The workshop proceedings will be published by IEEE , and indexed by IEEE Xplore.

Two classes of submissions

Important dates

Full papers due Close
Notification of acceptance Shortly
Camera-ready manuscript in IEEE format due    February 10, 2006
Short Abstracts due March 20, 2006
Conference date April 27-28, 2006