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Document and Information REtrieval platform

The DIRE platform is the LIRIS DRIM team's medium of choice to present their works in a way that is both easy to show and efficient to reuse.

DIRE Development Platform

The DIRE Development Platform is a java platform built around GATE, another platform from the Sheffield University Department of Computer Science. GATE works as the main Document Processing engine, the abstraction layer allowing a more general project to access document processing functions.

The DIRE Development Platform entails a GATE repository where the GATE abstraction layer can find all our processing modules. All of this is presented here.

DIRE Software Repository

The DIRE Software Repository stores full fledged software contributions to various projects. Some predate the DIRE platform and do not make use of the GATE Development Platform, while others are built using GATE. Some contributions also have been made available as independent libraries. They can be browsed here.

Our projects also make use of various frameworks, software, engines and resources that are listed on their own page.

administrators: Sylvie Calabretto, Elöd Egyed-Zsigmond, Samuel Gesche

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