14th IAPR International Conference on
Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery

16-18 April 2008 Lyon, France


Below is a list of hotels subdivided into three main geographic areas of interest: conference site area, Part-Dieu train station area, and downtown Lyon area. You can locate these areas as well as related public transportation services on the schematic map.

Furthermore, the Lyon Visitors Bureau also provides a central reservation system for hotels in the Lyon metropolitan area. You may search accommodations based on different criteria such as location, price range, category, comfort features.

You can locate the hotels on the DGCI Map

Université Lyon 1, La Doua (conference site area)

Part-Dieu (train station area)

Downtown Lyon

Follow these links to get maps of Lyon public transportation services (TCL):

For a detailed map of Lyon, you can follow this link.

Last modified February 11, 2008