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Submissions from both academia and Industry are welcome as far as the submitted content is relevant to the topic of the workshop. Research papers, experience reporting, position papers or demonstrations are all considered by the scientific committee.

Submission format follows the guidelines for formatting of ALIFE 2018 Conference. <note warning>Please note that submission link for the workshop is: here - </note>

  • For research or application papers, there are two options for submission: either full paper or extended abstract. Note that the format is exactly the same for both options. The differences reside in the number of pages and type of contents:
    1. Full papers have an 8-page maximum length and should report on new, unpublished work.
    2. Extended abstracts are limited to a 2-page length and can report on previously published work, with an emphasis on how the submission will contribute to enrich discussions and exchanges during the workshop.
  • Industrial papers reporting successful experiences or challenging ongoing developments related to the workshop topic are particularly welcome and could be in either short format (2-page length limit) or long format (8-page length limit).
  • Demonstrations related to one of the mentioned topics or other topics related to the general theme of the workshop, are also very welcome. A demonstration submission is limited to 6-page length, with a description of the addressed problem and the objectives of the demonstration, the demonstrated scenario and the main observations or results shown by the demonstration. A link to a video of the demo is appreciated.

Each submission should be uploaded as a single file, in PDF format only, to the Easy Chair system.

All submissions will undergo a detailed peer review process and will be reviewed for relevance and scientific quality. Both papers and extended abstracts will be considered for oral presentation, without distinction between full papers and extended abstracts.

Accepted papers and extended abstracts will be made available on the workshop website.

NOTE: Workshop participants should register at the entire ALIFE conference. There is no separate registration fee.

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