Call for papers


Goals and motivations

  • Can computers help cooking?
  • Can "machine learning" help cooking?
  • Can "neural networks" help cooking?
  • Can "knowledge representation" help cooking?
  • Can "reasoning" help cooking?
  • Can "planning" help cooking?
  • Can any other field of AI help cooking?

The Cooking with Computers workshop aims at gathering researchers from as many fields of AI as possible. The main objective of this workshop is to show how some existing AI approaches could be used to solve problems in the cooking and eating domain.

Submission topics

This workshop is widely open to all AI researchers, whatever their sub-topic of research is. It is an opportunity for AI researchers to examine their approaches on a common application and a way to highlight some possible interactions between AI fields. Expected submissions include (but are not limited to):

  • Machine learning (categorizing cooking elements, e.g. what is a soup?, prediction of cooking times, ...).
  • Classification (organizing recipes, organizing procedures, ...).
  • Knowledge representation (representing recipes, cooking procedure, domain knowledge, flavours and subjective informations, ...).
  • Knowledge extraction (extracting cooking knowledge, building ontologies, building inference mechanisms, ...).
  • Natural language processing (extracting cooking knowledge from unstructured natural language texts, ...).
  • Reasoning (using inference mechanisms for adapting recipes, creating new recipes, dealing with nutritional aspects, ...).
  • Semantic Web (sharing cooking resources, ...).
  • Sentiment Analysis (detecting cooking preferences, ...).
  • Video annotation (identifying in a cooking video what is cooked, or the sequence related to a given preparation, ...).
  • Planning / workflows (improving the presentation of preparation steps to users, ...).
  • Human-Machine Interfaces (designing next generation cooking assistants, ...).
Application domains include (but are not limited to):
  • Cooking assistants
  • Recipes design
  • Cooking and food sustainability
  • Cooking for well-being
  • Cooking and pedagogy
  • Cooking for special regimes
  • Interactive recipes visualisation
  • Sharing of cooking knowledge
  • Cooking and shopping
  • Cooking and health
  • Cooking and recommendation systems