Create temporal 3D model of flooding

In order to support raising public awareness of flood risk along the Rhône river, it should be necessary to propose digital 3D temporal georeferenced models that can be largely diffused among riverside residents. We have proposed a method to generate such a model by combining multiple data-sets: Digital Elevation Model of the terrain, grid of water heights during a flood, building footprints and 3D models of noticeable buildings. We use all these models to generate a temporal CityGML modelling in 3D the entire flood process among time.

The city model created is stored in temporal CityGML files that can be opened in 3D-Use in order to visualise the temporal evolution of a flood simulation on the Rhône river.


More information concerning this project

This work has been presented at the international Workshop “Urban Data Modelling and Visualisation 2016”.

Florence Jacquinod, Frédéric Pedrinis, Jérémy Edert, Gilles Gesquière. Automated Production of Interactive 3D Temporal Geovisualizations so as to Enhance Flood Risk Awareness. UDMV 2016, Dec 2016, Liège, Belgium. <hal-01413338>
Florence Jacquinod, Jérémy Edert, Gilles Gesquière, Marcel Vogt, Julia Bonaccorsi, Maryline Cerqueira Da Cunha. FLOOD AR : utiliser des modèles 3D temporels interactifs pour la sensibilisation au risque d’inondation. SAGEO'2016.