Fast Tile-Based Adaptive Sampling with User-Specified Fourier Spectra

Florent Wachtel 1   Adrien Pilleboue 1   David Coeurjolly 2   Katherine Breeden 3   Gurprit Singh 1   Gaël Cathelin 1   Fernando de Goes 4   Mathieu Desbrun 4   Victor Ostromoukhov 1,2

1 Université de Lyon   2 CNRS-LIRIS   3 Stanford University   4 Caltech

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We introduce a novel tile-based method for adaptive two-dimensional sampling with user-specified spectral properties. Our approach achieves several orders of magnitude speed improvement over current spectrum-controlled sampling methods through a deterministic, hierarchical construction of self-similar, equi-area tiles whose spatial distribution is free of spurious spectral peaks. A lookup table of sample points, computed offline using any existing procedure that optimizes point sets to shape their Fourier spectrum, is then used to populate the tiles. The result is a linear-time, adaptive, and high-quality sampling of arbitrary density functions that conforms to the desired spectral distribution.


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