LEGADEE (LEarning GAme DEsign Environment) is a free authoring environment that helps game designers and teachers design Learning Games that are fun and educational.

This open source environment was designed and developed in 2012, during Iza Marfisi-Schottman's doctorate at the LIRIS lab in France, directed by Franck Tarpin-Bernard and Sébastien George.

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Example LEGADEE level 1 Example LEGADEE level 1 Exporation of LEGADEE Learning Games (sub cathegory of Serious Games) are computer games that are designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment and that can be used for teaching. Although they are relevant to many fields of education, their development remains very difficult, expensive and time consuming.

LEGADEE is a collaboration tool that offers a methodology and adapted tools to guide the various actors that participate in the Learning Games conception: client, pedagogical expert (teacher), game designer, stage designer, developer.

LEGADEE also integrates an innovative Learning Game scenario model that represents the educational structure chosen by the pedagogical expert and also the way this structure is integrated into the game scenario imagined by the game designer. This model covers different levels of precision from the global scenario of the Learning Game down to the details of each screen. LEGADEE also allows the de-signers to specify the targeted pedagogical objectives, roles, characters and locations in game.

At all times, LEGADEE offers a system that analyzes the Learning Game currently being designed and indicates ways to design a balanced and comprehensive scenario that integrates all the targeted skills.

LEGADEE also allows designers to search for reusable Learning Game software components in a database to reduce production costs: cross-word and QCM editors, toolbars, tools for tutors...

Once the design is completed, LEDADEE exports detailed the specifications of the Learning Game containing all the necessary information for the production team (developer, graphic designer, actors, sound manager ...).

More information on the research that led to LEGADEE here.

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