ACM Siggraph Asia, 2016, Proceedings

Low-Discrepancy Blue Noise Sampling

Abdalla G. M. Ahmed1       Hélène Perrier2       David Coeurjolly2       Victor Ostromoukhov2
Jianwei Guo3       Dongming Yan3       Hui Huang4,5       Oliver Deussen1,5

1University of Konstanz, Germany
2Université de Lyon, CNRS/LIRIS, France
3NLPR, Institute of Automation, CAS, China
4Shenzhen University, China
5SIAT, China

Starting from a template low-discrepancy (LD) point set (a), we use a segmented table of permutations to rearrange the LD set to match a reference set with the desired target spectrum (b). The permutations are localized and carefully constructed in such a way that they have minimal impact on the discrepancy of the underlying template set. The resulting set (c) inherits the spectral profile of the target set, while still retaining the discrepancy profile of the template set (d).


We present a novel technique that produces two-dimensional low-discrepancy (LD) blue noise point sets for sampling. Using one-dimensional binary van der Corput sequences, we construct two-dimensional LD point sets, and rearrange them to match a target spectral profile without loosing their low discrepancy. We store the rearrangement information in a compact lookup table that can be used to produce arbitrarily large point sets. We evaluate our technique and compare it to the state-of-the-art sampling approaches.

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You can draw samples right from this page, scaled to unit area. Drag to move around, use the mouse wheel or pinch to zoom. What You See Is What You Get!

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This html bundle contains all the data that was collected while performing tests and comparisons between the LDBN sampler and various other samplers from the state of the art. You can click on any sampler to see all its associated data, discrepancy results, integration variance results, point distribution, behaviour relatively to aliasing (zoneplate tests), and spectral behaviour.



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We thank the anonymous reviewers for their detailed feedback to improve the paper. Thanks to Jean-Yves Franceschi and Jonathan Dupuy for reviewing an earlier version of the paper. This project was supported in part by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Grant (DE-620/22-1), French ANR Excellence Chair (ANR-10-CEXC-002-01) and CoMeDiC (ANR-15-CE40-0006), 973 Program (2015CB352501), National Foreign 1000 Plan (WQ201344000169), National Natural Science Foundation of China (61372168, 61620106003, 61331018), GD Leading Talents Plan (00201509), GD Science and Technology Program (2014B050502009, 2014TX01X033, 2015A030312015, 2016A050503036), and SZ Innovation Program (JCYJ20151015151249564).

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