Accepted Papers

Krzysztof Wołk, Emilia Rejmund and Krzysztof Marasek

Harvesting comparable corpora and mining them for equivalent bilingual sentences using statistical classification and analogy-based heuristics

Vu Tran, Peter Eklund and Chris Cook

Toward real-time multi-criteria decision making for bus service reliability optimization

Jacek Grekow

Emotion Detection Using Feature Extraction Tools

Jianhua Chen, Seth Burleigh, Neeharika Chennupati and Bharath Gudapati

A Scalable Boosting Learner Using Adaptive Sampling

Andrés Felipe Barco Santa, Elise Vareilles, Michel Aldanondo and Paul Gaborit

Building Thermal Renovation Overview Combinatorics + Constraints + Support System

Konrad Ciecierski, Zbigniew Ras and Andrzej Przybyszewski

Frequency based mapping of the STN borders

Stefano Ferilli, Giuseppe Fatiguso and Floriana Esposito

WPI: Markov Logic Network-based Statistical Predicate Invention

Jan Rauch and Milan Simunek

Data Mining with Histograms -- a Case Study

Frédéric Rayar, Sabine Barrat, Fatma Bouali and Gilles Venturini

An Approximate Proximity Graph Incremental Construction for Large Image Collections Indexing

Nicolas Hug, Henri Prade and Gilles Richard

Experimenting analogical reasoning in recommendation

Stefano Ferilli, Berardina Nadja De Carolis and Domenico Redavid

An Intelligent Agent Architecture for Smart Environments

Berardina Nadja De Carolis, Stefano Ferilli and Giuseppe Palestra

Improving Speech-based Human Robot Interaction with Emotion Recognition

Nicola Di Mauro, Antonio Vergari and Floriana Esposito

Learning Bayesian Random Cutset Forests

Rajdeep Niyogi and Alfredo Milani

Planning with Sets

Jieyan Kuang, Zbigniew Ras and Albert Daniel

Personalized Meta-Action Mining for NPS Improvement

Asma Trabelsi, Zied Elouedi and Eric Lefèvre

Classifier fusion within the belief function framework using dependent combination rules

Jalel Akaichi, Ludovic Lietard, Daniel Rocacher and Olfa Slama

On the Qualitative Calibration of Bipolar Queries

Giuseppe Rizzo, Claudia D'Amato and Nicola Fanizzi

On the Effectiveness of Evidence-based Terminological Decision Trees

Kaikai Zhao and Einoshin Suzuki

Clustering Classifiers Learnt from Local Datasets Based on Cosine Similarity

Didier Dubois, Henri Prade and Agnes Rico

The cube of opposition and the complete appraisal of situations by means of Sugeno integrals

Tommaso Di Noia, Marina Mongiello and Eugenio di Sciascio

Model checking based query and retrieval in OpenStreetMap

Troels Andreasen, Henning Christiansen and Christian Theil Have

Tracing Shifts in Emotions in Streaming Social Network Data

Antoni Ligęza

Granular Rules and Rule Frames for Compact Knowledge Representation

Elzbieta Kubera, Alicja Wieczorkowska and Krzysztof Skrzypiec

Audio-Based Hierarchic Vehicle Classification for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Paul Amalaman and Christoph F. Eick

HC-edit: A Hierarchical Clustering Approach To Data Editing

Corrado Loglisci, Bachir Balech and Donato Malerba

Discovering Variability Patterns for Change Detection in Complex Phenotype Data

Marouen Kachroudi, Aymen Chelbi, Hazem Souid and Sadok Ben Yahia

FIONA : A Framework for Indirect Ontology Alignment

Alberto Faro and Daniela Giordano

Ubiquitous City Information Platform powered by Fuzzy based DSSs to meet multi criteria customer satisfaction: a feasible implementation

Rory Lewis, Chad Mello and Michael Bihn

Machine Intelligence: The Neuroscience of Chordal Semantics \& its Association with Emotion Constructs and Social Demographics.

Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Enzo Mumolo, Alessandro Moro and Kazunori Umeda

A Novel Information Fusion Approach for Supporting Shadow Detection in Dynamic Indoor and Outdoor Environments

Zheyuan Su and Mirsad Hadzikadic

Trust Metrics Exploration in Optimizing Stock Investment Strategies

Heidar Davoudi and Aijun An

Ontology-based Topic Labeling and Quality Prediction

Bettina Fazzinga, Sergio Flesca, Filippo Furfaro, Elio Masciari, Luigi Pontieri and Chiara Pulice

A framework supporting the analysis of process logs stored in either relational or NoSQL DBMSs

Sara Ahajjam, Hassan Badir, Rachida Fissoune and Mohamed El Haddad

Communities identification using nodes features

Andrzej Janusz and Dominik Ślęzak

Computation of Approximate Reducts with Dynamically Adjusted Approximation Thresholds

Muhammed Olorunnimbe and Herna Viktor

Tweets as a Vote: Exploring Political Sentiments on Twitter for Opinion Mining

Sarah Zenasni, Eric Kergosien, Mathieu Roche and Maguelonne Teisseire

Discovering Type of Spatial Relations with a Text Mining Approach

Mouhamadou Ba, Sebastien Ferre and Mireille Ducasse

Safe Suggestions Based on Type Convertibility to Guide Workflow Composition

Marcin Sydow, Cristina Muntean, Franco Nardini, Stan Matwin and Fabrizio Silvestri

MUSETS: Diversity-aware Web Query Suggestions for Shortening User Sessions

Laura Giordano and Valentina Gliozzi

Encoding a preferential extension of the description logic SROIQ into SROIQ

Aldona Rosner and Bozena Kostek

Musical Instrument Separation Applied to Music Genre Classification

Domen Šoberl, Jure Žabkar and Ivan Bratko

Qualitative planning of object pushing by a robot

Aleksander Wawer

Sentiment Dictionary Refinement usingWord Embeddings

Fatma Ezzahra Bousnina, Mohamed Anis Bach Tobji, Mouna Chebbah, Ludovic Liétard and Boutheina Ben Yaghlane

A New Formalism for Evidential Databases

Jean-Valère Cossu, Eric Sanjuan, Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno and Marc El-Beze

Multi-Dimensional Reputation Modeling using Micro Blog contents

Henry Soldano, Guillaume Santini and Dominique Bouthinon

Abstract and local rule learning in Attributed Networks

Grzegorz Sobczak, Mateusz Chochół, Ralf Schenkel and Marcin Sydow

iQbees: Towards Interactive Semantic Entity Search Based on Maximal Aspects

Aleksandra Campar, Burcu Kolbay, Hector Aguilera, Iva Stankovic, Kaiser Co, Fabien Rico and Djamel Admelkader Zighed

Author Disambiguation

Elshaimaa Ali and Vijay Raghavan

Extending SKOS: A Wikipedia-based unified annotation model for creating interoperable domain ontologies