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EG '17

GeoMod will organize Eurographics 2017.

AFIG '15

GeoMod will organize AFIG 2015 (November 24-27 2015).

GTMG '14

The geometric modeling workshop (GTMG - groupe de travail en modélisation géométrique) took place on March 26th and 27th at LIRIS. Around 60 researchers and PhD students gathered to listen to presentations and share ideas. It was an opportunity to discover new research trends in geometric modeling through 18 talks with a wide variety of topics such as Bézier Curves or shape and image segmentation. The GTMG is a research group open to anyone interested in geometric modeling. It is a part of GDR IM (Informatique Graphique) and GRD IGRV (Informatique Géométrique et Graphique, Réalité Virtuelle et Visualisation) from CNRS. It is also supported by AFIG (French Association for Computer Graphics) and the French Chapter of Eurographics. More information is available on the website. Organizers: Julie Digne, Raphaëlle Chaine, Gilles Gesquière et Adrien Peytavie.


GeoMod organized VRIPHYS, from the Eurographics Worshop Series, in 2011 (from December 5 to 6) in Lyon.

SGP '10

GeoMod organized the Symposium on Geometry Processing in 2010 (from July 5 to 7) in Lyon.

SMI '07

GeoMod organized the Shape Modeling International conference in 2007 (from June 13 to 15) in Lyon.

 International Relations


University of Victoria, British Columbia

Visiting Professor of GeoMod team during the month of May 2011, Brian Wyvill gave in particular a master class on implicit surfaces in Lyon1 on May 19.

Brian Wyvill graduated from the University of Bradford, UK with a PhD in computer graphics in 1975. As a post-doc he worked at the Royal College of Art and helped make some animated sequences for the Alien movie. He emigrated to Canada in 1981 where he has been working in the area of implicit modeling, sometimes with his brother Geoff Wyvill (University of Otago). He is also interested in sketch based modeling and NPR and enjoys combining these areas of research. Brian spent a quarter of century at the University of Calgary and is now a Professor and Canada Research Chair at the University of Victoria, in British Columbia.


Tsinghua University, Beijing, FIT Research laboratory.

Collaboration starting in january 2006.

The FIT laboratory is headed by professor Shi-Min Hu. There, Raphaelle Chaine has supervised the research of two master degree students from the Ecole Centrale, working on 3D Delaunay triangulation of particles evolving on a moving surface. This collaboration has been materialized through two one month invitations, and two publications have been issued.


Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne: the project "Fractal geometry and its applications in the field of construction" has been submitted by IBOIS laboratory and accepted by National Swiss Foundation, with LIRIS scientific participation. Co-direction of a PhD thesis in collaboration with IBOIS laboratory (beginning in october 2005).

 Industrial Relations


CIFRE PhD 2009-2013: Fabien Cellier.

Master 2 Internship, 2009.


CIFRE PhD 2009-2012: Aurélien Bey.

Exchange of input and output data have been issued during the EDF project of virtual reconstitution of the Delph "colonne des danseuses". One part of the meshes involved in the final result has been produced thanks to the GeoMod results on 3D reconstruction.


The PAPS and GENAC 2 projects were labeled by the "Pôle de compétitivité loisirs numériques" (excellence cluster for the entertainment industry) which federates the video game companies in Région Rhône Alpes.


Raphaëlle Chaine et Julie Digne ont donné une formation "Outils mathématiques pour les surfaces 3D" en deux sessions à Technicolor (Rennes) en février et juin 2014


Thèse CIFRE 2014-2017 : Maximilien Guislain (Traitement joint de nuage de points et d'images pour l'analyse et la visualisation des formes 3D)


Two PhD thesis in procedural modeling. Integration of research results in video games (Ghost Recon Wildlands).