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Project in collaboration with Ubisoft Montpellier and Montreuil. In this project, the Geomod team will bring its expertise in procedural generation for atmospheric effects, water courses animations, and very wide terrain modeling.


ANR young researcher grant. The objective of this project is to take into account shape self-similarity to improve point cloud analysis methods. The PAPS project was labelled by the IMAGINOVE competitive cluster for the digital content industry.


Project in collaboration with Ubisoft Montreuil. Research results have been integrated in the new Ghost Recon Wildlands video game, in the procedural generation domain (generation of roads and villages).


COSINUS ANR project whose main goal is to specify a new kind of geometric modeler using iterative methods (IFS). This modeler will be studied from a theoretical point of view and tested as a CAD tool in several application fields (plastics, jewelry, design, etc.)

Partners : LE2I (UMR CNRS 5158) of Université de Bourgogne, LORIA (UMR CNRS 7503) of Université Nancy 2, PEP (Pôle Européen de Plasturgie) in Oyonnax.


ANR project on triangulations : evolving triangulations, triangulations of large sets of points, triangulations in non euclidean spaces (hyperbolic, projective, periodic).

Partners : ENS Paris (Computer science department), INRIA Sophia Antipolis (Geometrica Team).


The goal of this "Masse de données" ANR project is to model and render complex natural scenes

Partners : XLIM (Limoges) and LSIIT (Strasbourg)


This project is supported by the "pôle de compétitivité IMAGINOVE" and the French ministry of industry. Its goal is to design techniques to automatically create large virtual worlds.

Partners : This project is in association with the video game companies Eden Games and Wide Screen, and the research teams Artis and Evasion of the Gravir laboratory in Grenoble.


"Masse de données" ARA project about multi-modal integration and searching in databases of 3D artworks.

Partners : C2RMF (UMR CNRS 171, Paris), ETIS (UMR CNRS 8051, Cergy­Pontoise), LE2I (UMR CNRS 5158, Dijon), LIRMM (UMR CNRS 5506, Montpellier).


This project, part of the ACI "Masses de données", aims at studying a platform for digitizing, geometric modeling and electronic preservation of 3D arts pieces belonging to historic and cultural heritage.

Partners : LIRIS (head of the project), LE2I (UMR CNRS 5158, Dijon), C2RMF (UMR CNRS 171, Paris), LIRMM (UMR CNRS 5506, Montpellier).