Declarative Approaches for Enumerating Interesting Patterns

Emmanuel Coquery
Fabien De Marchi
Jean-Marc Petit (Pr)
Romuald Thion
Said Jabbour
Lakhdar Sais (Pr)
Karim Tabia
Marie Agier
Raoul Medina
Lhouari Nourine (Pr)


  • Cross-fertilization between artificial intelligence (CSP, SAT), combinatorial algorithmics and databases
  • Bringing original solutions to fundamental pattern mining problems
  • Definition of high level declarative languages for describing interesting pattern enumeration problems

Two major challenges

Challenge 1: Definition of classes of problems for enumerating interesting patterns
Challenge 2: Design of efficient and generic pattern mining systems

Type of datasets

  • Relational databases
  • XML semi-structured data

Examples of patterns

  • Itemsets
  • Sequences
  • Trees
  • Graphs

Interestingness criteria

  • Frequency (or support)
  • Satisfaction of formulas
  • Words
  • Association Rules
  • Functional Dependencies
  • Inclusion Dependencies

Main tasks of the project

  1. Studying the typology of interesting pattern enumeration problems
  2. Conducting theoretical investigations on patterns: structure, languages and interestingness criteria
  3. Applying constraint programming and satisfiability framework for interesting pattern enumeration in large datasets
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